Lipobank® is the first European Company to have been licensed to cryopreservate autologous adipose tissue in collaboration with a national important reality named Banca della Cute di Cesena RER (Emilia Romagna Region).

The adipose tissue preserved in its natural microenvironment features high anti-degenerative and reparative capabilities. Lipobank® has developed a therapeutic protocol for:

  • The treatment of patients suffering from joint pain (osteoarthritis, or trauma), ulcers, difficult wounds and diabetic foot.

  • Resume Life tone, vitality and brightness of the skin of the face, hands and neck and to naturally increase the volume of breast, lips, cheekbones and more.
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The clinical applications of adipose tissue are a clinical practice based on published scientific studies for the treatment of various pathologies in orthopedics, dermatology, general, vascular and cosmetic surgeries (lipofilling techniques, or the infiltration of fat taken and reintroduced in the same donor for aesthetic purposes to fill depressed areas or scar retractions).

The possibility of repeating the treatment with its own natural reserve of tissue without having to undergo a new adipose tissue harvest guarantees the advantage of a simple treatment with continuous and lasting effects.



The adipose tissue with all its morphological characteristics and the vital mesenchymal cells
that populate it is the best natural component for your healing and well-being.


We guarantee total traceability of your cryopreserved tissue and no risk of contamination by external agents thanks to our devices that allow a closed-loop process and therefore sterile and safe.


With a single harvest today, you will ensure your future well-being, you will have a precious and vital reserve of adipose tissue that you can use for reparative and anti-degenerative purposes.


Adipose tissue infiltrations are an effective treatment for issues such as degenerative pathologies, inflammatory processes and widely used in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgeries.


Our high-tech closed-loop adipose tissue banking method ensures total tissue integrity in cryopreservation. The collaboration with public institution and the issue of a biological passport to the patient, guarantees absolute traceability and transparency.

  • Accurate sterility checks will be carried out directly by the Bank
  • Upon request, the product will be available to the patient within a maximum of 48 hours
  • Patient privacy and sensitive data are processed in compliance with current legislation

Why choose LIPOBANK?

Our service has been authorized by both Regione Emilia Romagna and the Skin Bank of Cesena, which is one of the five italian banks of national interest accredited by the National Transplantation Center (CNT) and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS).

The activities are carried out in private synergy to ensure patients maximum professionalism, safety and reliability. We are present throughout Italy.

The natural restorative features of adipose tissue help you to support the healing mechanisms throughout your body.

The fields of application are many, with the solid objective of offering the patient a treatment that is continuous, effective and improving the quality of his life and well-being.

Osteoarthritis, Chondral joint injuries of the knee, hip, shoulder and ankle, Tendinopathies

Fistulas, pilonidal fistulas, faecal incontinence

Treatment of complex lesions, Chronic ulcers, Diabetic foot ulcers

Lichen, Vaginal Atrophy, Ovarian rejuvenation for fertility

Chronic spine pain, Chronic pelvic pain, Chronic joint pain

Treatment of scarring, burns, mandibular reconstructions


Banca della Cute regione Emilia Romagna





The patient is subjected to an adipose tissue harvest, necessary for the long-term therapeutic protocol.

The tissue taken is processed, microfigured and purified with the LIPOGEMS® device and, through the LIPOACT® procedural kit, is divided into single doses for banking and cryopreservation.

The adipose tissue units are taken with a sterile closed-loop system and are subjected to all security checks on arrival in the laboratory that certify their eligibility for the bank.

The removal and freezing of the adipose tissue is a painless process. It is carried out with a small operation and with a slight sedation.

That’s not necessary. Adipose tissue harvest is a simple surgical procedure performed in the operating room by a surgeon with local anesthesia and sedation. The procedure takes about 1 hour, and should therefore only be absent from work on the day of surgery, after which it is advisable to spend a quiet day and avoid driving.


To make possible the cryopreservation of adipose tissue Lipobank has developed a unique, safe and optimized procedural protocol to ensure the highest standard of quality and vitality of the biological material. We chose an institutional partner of the highest level, the Skin Bank of Emilia Romagna, headed by the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena, to ensure reliability and competence. Together public and private intend to revolutionize anti-degenerative medicine by combining the science of cold tissue biotechnology..

The purpose of cryopreservation is to obtain an adequate amount of adipose tissue units for programmed infiltrations over time. Therefore, a single harvest is sufficient to carry out a multi-year treatment.

After cryopreservation, the adipose tissue retains the same condition without deteriorating the vital charge of its cells. There is no age limit for the tissue regeneration treatment.

If you decide not to use the frozen tissue, the patient is free to decide what to do with it. There are two possibilities: it can be donated to science or it can be eliminated.


The defrosted adipose tissue is delivered together with all the documentation certifying its BIOLOGICAL SUITABILITY and this in terms of the quality of the tissue and of the cells residing there to guarantee the total cellular sterility and the maintenance of the architecture of the tissue microenvironment comparable in all its characteristics to fresh tissue.


Cell viability before and after thawing.

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